The Story Behind The Store

Desperate to see his two daughters move to Canada with their mom while he stayed in Europe, our founder found himself in a delicate situation. The relationship with his former wife had failed and there was a lot to digest and learn from. At the same time, the worldwide Corona pandemic hit hard and made it impossible for him to see his two children who were then 5 and 7 years old. For over two years video calls and post cards were the only means of staying in touch.

In an attempt to see his two daughters more often, our founder wanted to create a website that would enable him to move to any physical location in the world while collaborating with a team remotely. For months and years, he was struggling to find both the confidence in himself as well as the right business model. As the days and weeks passed and dealing with this immense change in his life occupied his mind, in the background a steady stream of new experiences started to grow. First it was just a trickle that slowly grew into a river. 

Knowing from his childhood that he loved to connect with people, he decided to go into sales and found a passion for the B2B wholesale business model. Connecting with business clients from all over the world during the Pandemic not only satisfied the need for human connection and life long learning, it also inspired him with lots of stories of successful companies, their daily struggles and how his work would contribute to their success. 

Over time, his confidence grew as he passed hurdles and challenges. Up to the point where it was time to branch out and leave the safety of employment. That marked the beginning of a new journey as an owner of his first ever digital company and the launch of Diversitique.

Diversitique is catering to the fabulous world of women. We are celebrating the female principle in all aspects of life: As a guiding principle we see in mothers raising their children, or as a protecting force that passes knowledge from one generation to the next, as the intuitive space that just knows, as the inspiration that let's us experience feelings of joy and excitement and fulfillment.

We have partnered with premium suppliers that carefully select all items in our store. Quality is paramount in our day and age and we have decided to go for the premium segment, working only with qualified vendors and the brands themselves directly. All products come with original tags. Including in our client service an extensive refund policy ensures a landmark shopping experience for our clients.

You can learn more about us by clicking here. If you are ready to start your shopping, then we invite you to click here.

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